Read Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend Novel by dayyyyydreamerrr

Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend Novel – In the vast and captivating world of literature, some stories lead us through complex mazes of relationships, loyalties, and

Auctioned to my Brother's Bestfriend Novel

Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend Novel – In the vast and captivating world of literature, some stories lead us through complex mazes of relationships, loyalties, and the exciting intricacies of life’s unexpected turns.

“Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend,” conceived by imaginative author dayyyyydreamerrr, is one of those stories that invites readers into a world where the lines between friendship, desire, and family are exposed. Making it a compelling exploration of love and loyalty.

This novel invites us into a universe where the bonds of brotherhood and friendship are not only an unbreakable pact but also a catalyst for unforeseen emotions, where love and loyalty find each other at a crossroads and where the pursuit of the heart’s desires leads to a complicated relationship, and emotional & decisional networks.

“Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend” delivers a story filled with romance, intrigue, and the exploration of emotions that transcend conventional boundaries. This is a must-read for those looking for the fusion of love, desire, and the complex dynamics that arise in the most unexpected of circumstances.

As we turn the pages of this riveting story, we’ll uncover the secrets, challenges, and discoveries that make it an essential choice for those who appreciate stories that delve into the depths of human emotions, the complexities of allegiance and loyalty, and the unforeseen choices that love can inspire.

Join us as we embark on a literary adventure through “Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend,” where love and loyalty are tested, creating a heartwarming story. A moving and unforgettable one.

Description of Novel

TitleAuctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend


Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend Novel Synopsis

“50 million dollars” The words hang in the air and Angelica Smith was auctioned to Damien Victor. Kidnapped and sold, the first shock came to her when she learned that her bidder was none other than her brother’s best friend.

Little did she know that it was only the first of many dark secrets that were yet to be revealed because he was no longer the same man whom she used to admire in her teenage years.

The one who can never see a scratch on her skin wanted to leave such deep marks that she remembers her whole life and she wasn’t even sure why he was taking revenge on her.

What would happen when she learned about his hidden intentions? Will she ever be able to come out of his cage or will she remain his plaything?


‘No one can hurt, touch, see, or feel you except me. You are mine, Tesoro. I will break you until you don’t accept it’ ~ Damien Victor

‘You can have my body, not my soul. I will never submit to you, even if you kill me’ ~ Angelica Smith


Features highly mature content 🔞


The novel “Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend” by dayyyyydreamerrr is a unique and engaging story that blends elements of dark romance, forbidden love, and auction themes. The novel is set in a world where auctions are held to sell people to the highest bidder and tells the story of a young woman who is auctioned off to her brother’s best friend.

The novel is unique in its setting and characters. The author has created a believable and vivid world where auctions are held to sell people off, and the rich and powerful can buy anything and anyone they want. The characters are well-developed and likable, and the plot is interesting and suspenseful.

Critical Reception

The novel received mixed reviews from readers, some praising its twists and steamy plots, while others criticized its clichés and grammatical errors. The novel has been read more than 123.1K times and has a 9.8-star rating on GoodNovel. Some of the comments are:

“Amezing story and novel, each chapter captured my atention and that is not easy jejejeje.” (Natalia de Gamero)

“I am not even halfway through the story, and I am not going to say it’s a great story, but it is good. I have practically edited every paragraph with the correct grammar and punctuation structure!! And there’s a ton that I didn’t! But what disappointed me the most is that the author at the end of” (Dawn Cochran)

“well writing story, I m interesting of the characters Destiny.” (Natalia de Gamero)

“good story happy to read this story” (Bia)

“Good story. Would read again” (schoolandkids)

“finally the completion of a beautiful journey of love and emotion waiting for the next one” (good reader)

“well next will Richard story with Daisy I hope so or a new dark romance personally I love your dark romance books” (good reader)

“YESSSSS I am so happy, I mean poor Richard but still what I needed ……” (Her)

“OMGGGG I can’t wait for the next update…” (Her)

“NOOOOOOOO…… Angel!!!! Omg girlllll” (Her)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

Some other details about the novel are:

  • The novel is published on GoodNovel, an online platform for reading and writing novels.
  • The novel has 125 chapters and is complete.
  • The novel is in the genre of mafia.
  • The novel is currently read 123.1K times and will be getting many more
  • The novel has 207.3K words

How to Read Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend Novel

The novel entitled “Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the GoodNovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend” in the search menu for the GoodNovel application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Auctioned to my Brother’s Bestfriend”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Mafia genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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