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Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey

Young Marshal's Seventh Bride NovelYoung Marshal’s Seventh Bride Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey through the realms of love, discovery, and the complexities of human emotions.

“Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” is one such narrative, extending an enticing invitation to explore the intricacies of relationships, personal growth, and the evolving dynamics of love.

In this article, we shall serve as your guide through this captivating narrative, peeling back the layers to unveil the emotions, challenges, and moments of revelation that lie within its pages.

In “Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride,” we encounter a story that transcends traditional romance, offering readers an opportunity to delve into the lives of characters whose destinies intertwine in a unique and transformative way.

This novel is more than just a work of fiction; it is an exploration of the human experience, the profound connections between individuals, and the subtle changes that can occur over time.

The allure of this narrative lies in its ability to navigate the intricate pathways of love, personal growth, and the evolving nature of relationships.

It keeps readers engaged and eager to witness the emotional transformations within its characters, all while experiencing the poignant moments and challenges that define their journey.

Our goal in this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to read “Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride,” ensuring that you can navigate the story’s complexities with ease.

Whether you are an experienced reader of romance novels or are new to this genre, our guide will assist you in fully immersing yourself in the narrative.

We will explore the various methods and platforms available for accessing the complete chapters, ensuring that you can experience the story without missing a single moment of its emotional depth and personal growth.

So, prepare yourself for a journey through a world where love evolves, self-discovery takes center stage, and where every day and every night brings new revelations.

“Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” promises an exploration of the transformative power of love and the growth it brings, and we are here to be your guide through this captivating narrative.

Description of Novel

TitleYoung Marshal’s Seventh Bride
AuthorMilk Candy


Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride Novel Synopsis

It’s said that the young Marshal was fierce and cruel and killed a lot of people;

It’s said that the young Marshal had married six brides but no one could be alive for two days.

Tyler Chloe married such a man.

At the Wedding night, she found that the demon people said was her beloved before…..

He humiliated her, tormented her, and stepped her proud under his foot. However, when she totally left, he realized that all his hatred came from love of her……


“Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” is a historical romance novel by Milk Candy, a famous Chinese novelist. The novel tells the story of Qing Xia, a young woman who becomes the seventh wife of Chang Hsueh-liang, a warlord who ruled Manchuria in the early 20th century.

Qing was killed by Chang and she vowed to avenge her father by killing Chang. However, she gradually falls in love with him and helps him change his habits. The novel is based on the historical events of the Sino-Japanese War, the Xi’an Incident, and World War II.

“Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” is a novel that combines historical fiction, romance, and fantasy. This is a novel that will appeal to fans of fairy tales, historical dramas, and love stories.

This is a novel that received mixed reactions from critics and readers but has also attracted a large and popular fan base. This is a novel worth reading if you are interested in the history, culture, and legends of China and Japan.

Critical Reception

The novel received mixed reviews from critics and readers. Some praised the novel for its vivid depiction of the historical setting, complex character development, and emotional romance. Others have criticized the novel for historical inaccuracies, unrealistic twists, and glorification of a controversial figure. Some comments are:

“thank you for such an amazing story and more thankful for completing it. every thing whether story plot or characters mentioned very clearly.” (Sumaiya Parveen)

“love this story very much…” (Cik Nanie)

“This is good story, i fell so angry at first, then became to sad and craying when i read it. interesting.” (Debora Soetarmin)

“This is an amazing story. I love it. The plot is really good and interesting.I pity the sad fate of Olivia Tyler. It makes me sad, but it capture interests to read this story until the end. Tha author for creating this wonderful story. I wisi Manman will be funish in the end so with the nurse being her accomplished.” (Janita Mendez Rosales Tulod)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • The novel was first published online in 2020 and has since been adapted into comics, television series, and films.
  • The novel has 50 chapters and each chapter averages 3,000 words.
  • The novel is written in Chinese and has not been officially translated into other languages.
  • The novel is classified as xianxia, ​​which is a fantasy genre that combines elements of Chinese mythology, martial arts, and Taoism.


Some of the themes explored by the novel are:

  • Love
  • Revenge
  • Loyalty
  • Betrayal
  • War
  • Peace
  • Destiny

The novel also examines:

  • The role of women in a patriarchal society
  • The conflict between tradition and modernity
  • The impact of historical events on individual lives


The main characters of the novel are:

  • Qing Xia: The main character and narrator of the novel. She is a smart, brave, and beautiful woman who disguises herself as a man to join Chang’s army. She is loyal to her family and friends but also has a stubborn and vengeful side. She initially hated Chang but later fell in love with him and became his seventh wife.
  • Chang Hsueh-liang: The male protagonist and Qing Xia’s love interest. He was a strong, charismatic, and handsome warlord who ruled over Manchuria. He is ambitious, cruel, and cunning, but also has a gentle and kind side. He is fascinated by Qing Xia and tries to win her heart and trust. It is based on the historical figure of the same name.
  • Saitou Kichou: Chang’s first wife and the main antagonist of the novel. She is a Japanese spy who marries Chang to gain secrets and sabotage his plans. She is cruel, manipulative, and jealous and tries to harm Qing Xia and Chang. She is based on the historical figure of Yoshiko Kawashima.
  • Ikoma Kitsuno: Chang’s second wife and Qing Xia’s close friend. She is a kind, gentle, and generous woman who always supports Qing Xia and Chang. She is a gifted healer and a talented musician. She is based on the historical figure of Edith Wellington.
  • Hoshigaoka Yuri: Chang’s third wife and Qing Xia’s rival. She is a proud, arrogant, and spoiled woman who competes with Qing Xia for Chang’s attention and affection. She is a master archer and a lover of poetry. She is based on the historical figure Rong Yuqin.
  • Biwajima Mayu: Chang’s fourth wife and Saitou’s ally. She is a cunning, greedy, and selfish woman who teams up with Saitou to plot against Qing Xia and Chang. She is a skilled gamer and a jewelry collector. It is based on the historical figure of Li Xianglan.
  • Oda Ichika: Chang’s fifth wife and Nobunaga’s younger sister. She is an innocent, naive, and cheerful woman who admires Qing Xia and Chang. She is a talented artist and a comic book fan. She is based on the historical figure Oda Nobuko.
  • Atsuta Anna: Chang’s sixth wife and Ranma’s daughter. She is a rebellious, adventurous tomboyish woman who joins Qing Xia and Chang in their battle. She is an experienced warrior and loves motorbikes. It is based on the historical figure Atsuta Kimie.
  • Oda Nobunaga: Ichika’s older brother and Chang’s friend. He is a young, handsome, and popular teacher who loves girls’ games. He is kind, funny, and optimistic but also naive and gullible. It is based on the historical figure Oda Nobunaga.
  • Atsuta Ranma: Anna’s father and Chang’s enemy. He is a ruthless, ambitious, and cunning warlord who opposes Chang and his allies with Japan. He is a master strategist and lover of women. It is based on the historical figure of Atsuta Yoshisuke.

How to Read Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride Novel

The novel entitled “Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the ReadMe application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride” in the search menu for the ReadMe application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Young Marshal’s Seventh Bride”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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