Read Wizard Of Cosmos Novel by MadRain

Wizard Of Cosmos Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey through the

Wizard Of Cosmos Novel

Wizard Of Cosmos Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey through the realms of love, discovery, and the complexities of human emotions.

“Wizard Of Cosmos” is one such narrative, extending an enticing invitation to explore the intricacies of relationships, personal growth, and the evolving dynamics of love.

In this article, we shall serve as your guide through this captivating narrative, peeling back the layers to unveil the emotions, challenges, and moments of revelation that lie within its pages.

In “Wizard Of Cosmos,” we encounter a story that transcends traditional romance, offering readers an opportunity to delve into the lives of characters whose destinies intertwine in a unique and transformative way.

This novel is more than just a work of fiction; it is an exploration of the human experience, the profound connections between individuals, and the subtle changes that can occur over time.

The allure of this narrative lies in its ability to navigate the intricate pathways of love, personal growth, and the evolving nature of relationships.

It keeps readers engaged and eager to witness the emotional transformations within its characters, all while experiencing the poignant moments and challenges that define their journey.

Our goal in this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to read “Wizard Of Cosmos,” ensuring that you can navigate the story’s complexities with ease.

Whether you are an experienced reader of romance novels or are new to this genre, our guide will assist you in fully immersing yourself in the narrative.

We will explore the various methods and platforms available for accessing the complete chapters, ensuring that you can experience the story without missing a single moment of its emotional depth and personal growth.

So, prepare yourself for a journey through a world where love evolves, self-discovery takes center stage, and where every day and every night brings new revelations.

“Wizard Of Cosmos” promises an exploration of the transformative power of love and the growth it brings, and we are here to be your guide through this captivating narrative.

Description of Novel

TitleWizard Of Cosmos


Wizard Of Cosmos Novel Synopsis

He saw the end of mankind and suffered a miserable death. But when he opened his eyes, he was back thirty years before his death. Since he had a possible second chance, he decided to become the strongest and survive that miserable end. To become the ultimate wizard.

‘This time I will start with the very beginning.’

He wanted to start before the end of the earth, which was bound to happen in five years.

The VR game The Endless. The passage to the planet Yuriel before the end of the earth. If he could become the strongest while he was an immortal player, he would have a chance to escape that tragedy.

To people who didn’t know the truth, it was just a game. To people who knew the truth, it was their future.

To Jason, who knew the future, it was his ticket to survival.

‘Let me use thirty years of my experience. Ah… I never played The Endless in my previous life. Great!’

‘I know all about planet Yuriel. But, in five more years….’

‘I have no time to join a Guild. I can’t babysit anyone.’

“Join our guild if you want the money to buy a VR cabin. ”

‘I have to focus all my time on getting stronger.’

“There is no food in the village.”


“Hey, where are you going? You brought a child here and trying to leave? She is your child now, so take care of her.”

“Eh… I will come back soon.”

‘Damn it. Didn’t I say, ‘I don’t want to be a babysitter’?’

“That child is cursed.”

“Did you say she is cursed? Say that again, I will kill you.”

‘Right. Why did I start playing this game, again?’


“Wizard Of Cosmos” is a fantasy story about a man who travels back in time to save humanity’s extinction. He decides to become the most powerful magician in the universe and discover its mysteries. Along the route, he encounters several opponents, allies, and challenges that test his will and determination.

“Wizard Of Cosmos” is a novel that combines fantasy, science fiction, and romantic themes to create a fascinating and captivating story that captivates readers. Readers who adore time travel, magic, adventure, and mystery will appreciate the novel’s originality, creativity, and innovation.

The novel is also suggested for those who enjoy the author’s descriptive, colorful, and hilarious writing style. The story is still in progress, so readers can expect more shocks and twists in the future.

Critical Reception

Readers and critics have mainly given the novel positive reviews, praising its unique plot, intriguing world-building, and exhilarating action scenes. Some typical accolades include “a masterpiece of fantasy”, “a refreshing and innovative story”, and “a must-read for fans of time travel and magic”.

However, some readers pointed out problems such as the slow pace, lack of character development, and the rare grammatical error. Some of the comments are:

“Fantastic story” (Elijah deKoekkoek)

“Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you’re doing better.” (Donald Leedy)

“please when will the next chapter be uploaded I can’t stand the wait” (samson daniel)

“Amazing read.” (Andrew Clouse)

“Hope everything is going ok for you. Just miss your amazing writing ability and just wondering if you had an update on what is going on. Not in anyway pressuring for more chapters. Just checking in on you.” (Donald Leedy)

“Great Story, interesting plot 10/10” (James Saint)

“I’ll be back when you get serious about posting chapters. Such a disappointment after your last book. To think all we want to do is read your work!” (Ryan)

“Iv been on chapter 203 for days now. Other than death, I can’t think of one reason why the author wouldn’t keep his/her dedicated readers updated!!” (Ryan)

“really hoping you took a break or went on vacation and not something bad happened.” (Donald Leedy)

“it is a good book just like your blood wolf” (eugenegargantiel)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • MadRain, a pseudonym for an Indonesian novelist who began writing online in 2020, wrote the novel.
  • The novel is currently in progress, with over 273 chapters published on multiple platforms such as MegaNovel, WebNovel, and TapRead.
  • The novel has amassed a big fan base, with over 18.7K views and 14 ratings on MegaNovel alone.
  • The novel is also being translated into multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French.
  • The novel is in the fantasy genre.


The work delves into several issues, including fate, destiny, free will, morality, justice, loyalty, friendship, love, and sacrifice. The novel also explores the nature of time, space, and reality, as well as the repercussions of modifying them. The work also illustrates the dichotomy between modernity and antiquity, humanity and divinity, order and anarchy.


The novel has a broad cast of characters, each with their own personality, background, and motivations. The main character are:

  • Zhang Li is a former scientist who witnessed humanity’s downfall at the hands of an unknown power. He is resurrected as a young boy in a medieval world, where he learns his ability for magic and pledges to become the most powerful wizard. He is clever, brave, ambitious, and ruthless, yet he is also kind, loyal, and funny. He is frequently torn between his history and present, his aspirations and his emotions. Some more noteworthy characters include:
  • Luna is Zhang Li’s first love and friend. She is a lovely and intriguing girl. She is a princess from the Moon Kingdom, a mighty empire that governs the night. She is sweet, compassionate, graceful, and lovely, yet also strong, brave, and self-sufficient. She feels a particular connection with Zhang Li since they share the same fate and destiny.
  • Leo is a handsome and dynamic boy who is both Zhang Li’s best friend and competition. He is the prince of the Sun Kingdom, a powerful empire that rules the day. He is cheery, kind, generous, and noble, as well as proud, arrogant, and competitive. He possesses a natural gift for swordplay and leadership, and he aspires to be the greatest hero of his day.
  • Eve is Zhang Li’s second love and friend. She is a pretty and energetic girl. She is a brilliant inventor who makes numerous gadgets and equipment to assist Zhang Li in his travels. She is intelligent, inquisitive, creative, and active, but also naive, clumsy, and impetuous. She has a crush on Zhang Li, and she frequently attempts to impress him with her inventions and quips.
  • Lucifer is Zhang Li’s mentor and antagonist, is a mysterious and powerful guy. He is the head of the Fallen Angels, a group of rebels who fight the gods and the order of the universe. He is clever, harsh, ambitious, and manipulative, yet also charismatic, wise, and visionary. He has a hidden objective that includes Zhang Li, and he frequently advises and tests him on his path.

How to Read Wizard Of Cosmos Novel

The novel entitled “Wizard Of Cosmos” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the MegaNovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Wizard Of Cosmos” in the search menu for the MegaNovel application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Wizard Of Cosmos”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Fantasy genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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