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Warrior Princess Novel – Prepare to be gripped by a heroine’s strength, resilience, and unfathomable heroism in “Warrior Princess,” a novel written by Samantha packard,

Warrior Princess Novel

Warrior Princess Novel – Prepare to be gripped by a heroine’s strength, resilience, and unfathomable heroism in “Warrior Princess,” a novel written by Samantha packard, a gifted storyteller. Within the pages of this captivating story, readers are encouraged to accompany a princess on her transformative journey from a majestic figure to a formidable warrior.

Join us as we journey via Samantha packard’s storytelling prowess, where the clash of swords and echoes of combat blend with the inner struggles and triumphs of a princess discovering her hidden strength. This tale offers an immersive and inspiring experience, allowing readers to see the thrilling adventure under the embrace of “Warrior Princess.”

Description of Novel

TitleWarrior Princess
AuthorSamantha packard


Warrior Princess Novel Synopsis

Samantha is a young shewolf at the Blue Ridge Mountain Pack. She hasn’t had it easy her whole life between being bullied, belittled, and underestimated. She is the best daughter and a twin at that. After finding out how people close to her truly feel she decides to leave. Will she ever find someone who cares?

Kasen is the young alpha king. He has been hurt and betrayed before. Ruling a kingdom isn’t easy especially at 21. Will he find the one that the goddess made for him? What if his mate is just as hurt and broken as he is?


BooK 2: The Alphas Omega Queen (ongoing)


The novel is a paranormal romance about Samantha, a teenage she-wolf who has been harassed and misjudged her entire life. She is her pack’s first female warrior and its chief warrior. She teaches and trains younger wolves, as well as guards her pack against enemies.

She meets and falls in love with Kieran, a mysterious and attractive man claiming to be her brother. However, their bond is complicated by Daniel, a cruel and ambitious alpha who wishes to take over Samantha’s pack and make her his mate.

The tale ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers wondering what happens next between Samantha and Kieran or Daniel.

Critical Reception

Readers praised the novel for its inventiveness, comedy, and plot twists. Some readers admired the novel’s study of identity, family, and destiny. However, several readers condemned the novel for being overly unrealistic, repetitive, and incomprehensible.

Samantha packard’s “Warrior Princess” received positive reviews for its engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and exploration of timeless themes. Readers praised the novel’s ability to capture the essence of the classic fairy tale while adding a modern twist with the unexpected appearance of octopuses.

Critics praised Samantha packard’s innovative reinterpretation of the classic, showcasing a compelling plot and relatable characters. The novel’s exploration of familiar themes from a new perspective resonated with readers, delivering a moving story of hope, resilience, and the triumph of good over evil.

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • The work is part of the Dreame series, which includes original stories written by a variety of authors.
  • The novel contains 57 chapters and has been read by 329.8K readers.
  • The novel is in the werewolf genre.
  • The novel has 73.3K followers on the platform so far

Samantha packard, the novel’s author, has previously authored other novels, such as:


The work delves into subjects such as identity, family, and fate.


The primary characters in the novel are:

  • Samantha is the story’s protagonist. She is a brilliant, strong-willed, and independent woman who has been through a lot in her life. She wants to restore her happiness and seek retribution from those who have harmed her.
  • Kieran is Samantha’s love interest. He is a fascinating, intriguing, and devoted man who claims to be Samantha’s brother. He wants to hide his dark past from everyone.
  • Daniel is the story’s antagonist. He is a vicious, egotistical, and ambitious man who wishes to control Samantha’s pack and make her his mate.

Other supporting characters include:

  • Samantha’s pals (such as Mia and Lily)
  • Kieran’s friends (such as Jake and Ryan)
  • Daniel’s allies (such as Mark and Lisa), etc.

How to Read Warrior Princess Novel

The novel entitled “Warrior Princess” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Dreame application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Warrior Princess” in the search menu for the Dreame application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Warrior Princess”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Werewolf genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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