Read Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel by Mariya Mercedes

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel – Take an engrossing trip through unresolved feelings, unrequited love, and twists of fate in “Trapped with My Billionaire

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel

Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel – Take an engrossing trip through unresolved feelings, unrequited love, and twists of fate in “Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband,” a novel deftly written by the gifted Mariya Mercedes. Each page of this story, which promises to be an immersive experience, will reveal the nuances of living in captivity with a wealthy ex-spouse who also has the keys to a shared past.

“Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband” is a tale that goes beyond traditional romantic fiction, set in the elaborately woven world created by Mariya Mercedes. Through navigating the difficulties of cramped quarters and rekindling emotions, people engage in a unique exploration of the dynamics between love and imprisonment.

This is more than simply a book; it’s an engrossing journey in which every chapter weaves a new emotional web around the lives of a rich ex-husband and the lady imprisoned in his world. Get ready for an extraordinary reading experience in which the key metaphor for a gripping story is being trapped.

Take a captivating journey with Mariya Mercedes and allow the pages of this book to transport you to a world where love is constrained yet longs for freedom. This book will leave a lasting impression on your literary adventure. A story that aims to be both romantically captivating and emotionally impactful will captivate you with its twists and turns.

Description of Novel

TitleTrapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband
AuthorMariya Mercedes


Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel Synopsis

She discover her husband and her stepsister inside a hotel. She didn’t hesitate to file for divorce and runaway to start a new life. But after a year, something happened to her father which force her to go back to her old life. To her surprise, it was her ex-husband who picked her up at the airport.

What’s worst, he claims that she was still his wife. But did did that happened? She filed for divorce. Little did Blaire knows that Sebastian keeps a little secret that will make her hate him forever. Will she allow herself to fell for his charm again just like the first time?


I was sipping my hot Americano as I stared at the pictures in my hand. Catherine, my stepsister, was sitting across the table. I had an urge to rip off that wicked smile from her face, but I stopped myself. I wouldn’t let my hand be dirty with her filthy blood. The bitter taste of my coffee was nothing compared to the bitterness I am feeling right now towards my husband and my stepsister.

No matter how hard I tried to come up with an explanation for these scandalous pictures in my hand, I couldn’t find any. My eyes landed on the pictures once again, and my heart breaks every minute. It was a picture of her wrapped around my husband’s arm while they were on top of our bed. The same bed that we shared for the last three years.


The tale follows Skylar, a lady who divorces her cheating husband Sebastian after discovering that he was pregnant with her stepsister Catherine. She leaves him and begins a new life in a tiny town, where she meets Ethan, a kind and attractive man.

However, a family tragedy forces her to return to her previous life and face Sebastian, who is anxious to win her back. She must choose between her past and her future and face the consequences of her decision.

The novel concludes with Skylar choosing Sebastian over Ethan and giving him another chance. She discovers that Catherine lied about her pregnancy, and Sebastian is not the father of her kid. She also discovers that Sebastian was molested by his father as a child and that he had difficulty trusting and loving others.

She forgave him and intends to start a new life together. They had a son together, and they are happy ever after. Ethan moves on from Skylar and finds a new romantic interest. Catherine is imprisoned after being caught lying and committing crimes.

Critical Reception

The novel has gotten mixed reviews from readers across multiple platforms. Some readers commended the story for its emotionally charged plot, strong and likable heroine, and hot romance scenes. Others condemned the novel for having a clichéd and unrealistic plot, an aggressive and manipulating hero, and bad editing and syntax. Some of the comments are:

“in time ill send if i like it” (Walsh Marie)

“She needs to show him the pictures, she slap his face then Catherine’s” (Yvonne Harding)

“Intriguing” (Yvonne Harding)

“Well write. Good command of English.. But make her punch more his, face” (Yvonne Harding)

“if they aren’t divorced then how do you call him as ex? and a wife of 3years doesn’t discuss or confront her partner but signs a paper? and from when did one side signing divorce papers make them officially divorced? 🙄 (Ashwini Jaiswal)

“Does your wife know you offered her money to sleep with you? Of course not!” (Lanisha Almond)

“This is where you tell him, “Thank you for your time, enjoy your day, I’ll take my leave now”. Walk out and don’t look back.” (Lanisha Almond)

“I hope she let’s them know he is with his mistress. I hope someone brings it to his attention that he has someone else on his arm.” (Lanisha Almond)

“Just…..😖, awful.” (Lanisha Almond)

“You saw him kiss her and hold her with your own eyes. What is there to explain? If you listen to him, you’re just an idiot.” (Lanisha Almond

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • The novel is authored by Mariya Mercedes, a pseudonym for a prominent romance author who has written several other novels in the same genre, such as “Betrayed By An Alpha, Claimed By A Lycan King.”
  • The novel is part of a series called Trapped, which depicts different couples in various situations.
  • The novel consists of 62 chapters, is still ongoing, and may be read online at NovelOasis, a digital novel site.
  • The novel is in the contemporary genre.
  • The novel is currently read 146.5K times and will be getting many more
  • The novel presently has 103.4K words


The novel delves into issues such as betrayal, forgiveness, love, family, and redemption. It also addresses themes including domestic violence, infertility, and social status.


The primary characters in the novel are:

  • Skylar: the novel’s heroine, is a brilliant, bold, and independent lady. She was married to Sebastian for three years before divorcing him after finding his romance with her stepsister. She went to a small town and started a bakery, which is where she met Ethan. She is caught between her love for Ethan and Sebastian and must confront the reality of her marriage and family.
  • Sebastian: The novel’s hero, is a cold, arrogant, and powerful millionaire. He was engaged to Catherine, but married Skylar for business reasons. He cheated on Skylar with Catherine, and she became pregnant. He regretted his behavior and attempted to reconcile with Skylar, but she rejected him. He is enamored with Skylar and will stop at nothing to win her back.
  • Ethan: the novel’s second male character, is a warm, gentle, and lovely man. He is a doctor who volunteers at a local hospital. He fell in love with Skylar and helped her overcome her past. He supports and respects Skylar and wants her to be happy.
  • Catherine: the novel’s antagonist, is a greedy, crafty, and nasty lady. She is Skylar’s stepsister and Sebastian’s former fiancée. She ran away from her engagement to Sebastian, but returned to seduce him and became pregnant with his kid. She plotted to destroy Skylar and Sebastian’s marriage while also obtaining Sebastian’s money and power.

How to Read Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband Novel

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Contemporary genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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