Read Tattooed Luna Novel by Mrs. Smith

Tattooed Luna Novel – Enter the thrilling world of werewolves, fate, and destiny printed in ink in “Tattooed Luna”, an artfully written novel by the

Tattooed Luna Novel

Tattooed Luna Novel – Enter the thrilling world of werewolves, fate, and destiny printed in ink in “Tattooed Luna”, an artfully written novel by the talented Mrs. Smith. Within the pages of this riveting story, readers are invited to explore the symbiotic relationship between werewolves and destiny, where markings tell a deeper story than the surface.

Join us as we explore the story of Mrs. Smith, where the protagonist, marked by destiny and adorned with mystical tattoos, embarks on a journey of self-discovery, love, and the challenges of being a tattooed Luna. This novel promises a rich and enchanting experience, giving readers a front-row seat to the riveting story set against the backdrop of “Tattooed Luna.”

Description of Novel

TitleTattooed Luna
AuthorMrs. Smith


Tattooed Luna Novel Synopsis

With a genius IQ and her own tattoo shop, Kristen is about to become 18. After years of being abused by her stepmother, Kristen has decided to leave her pack with the money her tattoo shop has made. Regardless of who her mate is, Kristen will be on her own adventure.

Unfortunately, more than one male has a problem with her independence. Kristen’s fiery personality has placed her into a situation that is forcing her to face everything she has escaped. How much can one person endure before they give up?


“Tattooed Luna” is a novel by Mrs. Smith, a Chinese fantasy writer. The novel tells the story of Kristen, a young girl who is passionate about tattooing and turns it into a successful business.

She lives with her abusive stepmother and her twin brother Colt, who is the future alpha of their pack. She plans to leave home and travel the world until she turns eighteen, but finding a partner could change her plans and change her life.


Kristen defeats Luna in the final battle at her mansion. She knew that Luna was the cause of her mother’s death and she tried to kill her out of jealousy. She spared her life but banished her from her sight forever.

Kristen reunites with Alec after many years apart due to different lives. They confess their love to each other and decide to get married. Kristen becomes queen of the pack after defeating all her opponents with her strength and charisma. She lived happily ever after with Alec by her side.

Critical Reception

The novel received positive reviews from readers praising its plot, characters, world-building, and action scenes. Some of the comments are:

“I love it, I’m addicted!!” (Monica Ramirez)

“Amazing book! love the characters!” (Jessica Grant)

“Great read.” (Paula)

“one of the best for me so far. i like how it keeps me wanting more.” (Jessica Hall)

“I love this story. I love it so much I need it in an actual book. Let me know if you ever put in physical book. I will be one of the first to buy it.” (Santania Brown)

“This story is absolutely incredible. Every chapter you feel like you get pulled deeper into lives of Alec, Colt, Ice (Kristen) and Penny. We are constantly on edge, once we think that storm has blown over and the threat is gone…. we should know better… something bigger is always brewing….” (Christina)

“love it I would love to read more like this” (Crystal White)

“so far this book has a good beginning, I look forward to see where it goes.” (Lisa Hinkle)

“Absolutely amazing book not the usual stereotypical roles for the men women and the ranking wolves personalities. I feel like I really know these characters I’m so invested in what’s happening and going to happen amazing read!!!!” (Janine May)

“Thais book is vary good. I can’t stop reading it” (Darrell Breeden)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

Some other details about the novel:

  • The novel is currently 399.8K words long and is still ongoing.
  • The novel presently has 519 chapters, averaging 754 words per chapter.
  • The novel is now read 367.0K times and will be getting many more.
  • The novel is available on GoodNovel, a website that offers free online reading of a variety of novels.


Some of the themes explored by the novel are:

  • The importance of family and love in overcoming difficulties and challenges.
  • The value of justice and morality in the face of enemies and conflict.
  • A balance between the forces of light and darkness exists in the world.


Some of the main characters in the novel are:

  • Kristen: The main character of the novel. She is a genius tattoo artist, the heir to her biological mother’s legacy. She is brave, loyal, and compassionate. She loves her brother deeply but feels trapped in their marriage.
  • Alec: The main character of the novel. He is a handsome shapeshifter belonging to the Blue Moon group. He is charming, charismatic, and optimistic. He loves Kristen even though he knows she is his partner’s sister.
  • Colt: The novel’s three-faced character. He is Kristen’s twin brother, who will become the alpha in their group at the age of 25. He is protective, supportive, and full of humor. He wants to keep his sister by his side no matter what.
  • Luna: The novel’s villain. She is Kristen’s stepmother and hates her because she looks like their biological mother. She is cunning, cruel, and ambitious. She wants to get rid of Kristen so she can inherit her fortune and fame.

How to Read Tattooed Luna Novel

The novel entitled “Tattooed Luna” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the GoodNovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Tattooed Luna” in the search menu for the GoodNovel application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Tattooed Luna”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Werewolf genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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