Read Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel by Sammie Lewis

Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey through

Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel

Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel – In the vast and diverse world of literature, there are stories that beckon readers to embark on a journey through the realms of love, discovery, and the complexities of human emotions.

“Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby” is one such narrative, extending an enticing invitation to explore the intricacies of relationships, personal growth, and the evolving dynamics of love.

In this article, we shall serve as your guide through this captivating narrative, peeling back the layers to unveil the emotions, challenges, and moments of revelation that lie within its pages.

In “Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby,” we encounter a story that transcends traditional romance, offering readers an opportunity to delve into the lives of characters whose destinies intertwine in a unique and transformative way.

This novel is more than just a work of fiction; it is an exploration of the human experience, the profound connections between individuals, and the subtle changes that can occur over time.

The allure of this narrative lies in its ability to navigate the intricate pathways of love, personal growth, and the evolving nature of relationships.

It keeps readers engaged and eager to witness the emotional transformations within its characters, all while experiencing the poignant moments and challenges that define their journey.

Our goal in this article is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to read “Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby,” ensuring that you can navigate the story’s complexities with ease.

Whether you are an experienced reader of romance novels or are new to this genre, our guide will assist you in fully immersing yourself in the narrative.

We will explore the various methods and platforms available for accessing the complete chapters, ensuring that you can experience the story without missing a single moment of its emotional depth and personal growth.

So, prepare yourself for a journey through a world where love evolves, self-discovery takes center stage, and where every day and every night brings new revelations.

“Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby” promises an exploration of the transformative power of love and the growth it brings, and we are here to be your guide through this captivating narrative.

Description of Novel

TitleRejected Mate’s Secret Baby
AuthorSammie Lewis


Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel Synopsis

“I, Alpha Malik Denver hereby reject you, Eliana Jacobs as my mate and Luna.” His voice was like a sword through my chest, slicing my heart into a million tiny pieces.

He looked at me with a commanding glare and I knew I didn’t have much of an option. “I, Eliana Jacobs, accept your rejection.” I whispered as my hands fell to my stomach because unbeknownst to the Alpha, I was carrying his child.

Eliana Jacobs had been through hell her entire life.

Ever since her mother died, she’d been abused by her whole pack. No one but her understood the kind of pain she went through until then one night, she decided to flee from her pack.

However, destiny led her into the hands of Malik Denver, the most ruthless of all Alphas in Oakland and the leader of her own rival pack. In a twist of fate, he took her in and saved her from becoming rogue. But all in exchange for one thing—a child.

Two years had passed and not only had Eliana fallen in love with Denver, she also finds out she’s finally pregnant. But before she could even break the news to him, he shockingly rejects her.

“This is over!” He said. Distraught and devastated, Eliana once again decides to run away but this time to somewhere far away.

It wasn’t until six years had passed that something unexpected brings her back to Oakland. But now, she isn’t alone, she’s with a six year old boy.

How would Denver take the news of her return? Would he finally regret his decision to let her go? And alas, what would happen when he finds out about his secret baby?


The novel is a paranormal romance about a werewolf alpha who rejects his mate, only to discover later that she is pregnant with his kid. He attempts to win her back, but she has her own secrets that could endanger both of them.

The novel has six novels in the series and a 4.5 rating on Amazon. You can read it online at Amazon or Alphanovel. Eliana convinces Malik that she loves him and that their son is his successor. They overcome their differences and foes as a family and go on to live happily ever after.

Critical Reception

The novel received mixed reviews from readers, with some praising its twists and steamy plots while others criticized its clichés and grammatical errors. The novel has been read more than 53.3K times and has a 8-star rating on GoodNovel. Some of the comments are:

“The book is interesting and keeps me glued to it. I’m eager to know what’s next” (Jane Itam)

“It’s ok… Slow… Could use another proof read or edit so readers can know who is speaking instead of all parties being combined in one paragraph.” (Russel Buaga)

“Enjoying it so far.” (Tiffany)

“Ince&t and a poorly written story. Do not waste your time or $$” (Hobi’s Main)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • Sammie Lewis is a best-selling author of paranormal romance.
  • The novel is part of the Rejected Mate And Secret Baby Series, which tells the story of werewolves who discover their true partners and must confront their pasts and foes.
  • The novel has received accolades for its gripping plot, erotic situations, and sensitive characters.
  • Some readers have drawn parallels between “Twilight” and Onyemaobi’s “The Alpha’s Secret Baby.”
  • The novel is published on GoodNovel, an online platform for reading and writing novels.
  • The novel has 131 chapters and is still ongoing.
  • The novel is in the werewolf genre.
  • The novel has been read 53.3K times and will be getting many more
  • The novel presently has 257.1K words


The main themes of the novel include:

  • Fated love.
  • Second chances.
  • Pack dynamics.
  • Family concerns.
  • Self-discovery.


The main characters of the novel are:

  • Eliana Jacobs is the story’s protagonist. She is a werewolf who has been abused by her group since birth. She escaped and encountered Malik Denver, the alpha of the Oakland pack. He took her in and made her his mate, alongside Luna. She fell in love with him and discovered she was pregnant with his child. However, when he found out she was pregnant, he rejected her. She fled from him and gave birth to a boy. Six years later, she returns to Oakland with her son and attempts to make amends with Malik.
  • Malik Denver is the story’s antagonist. He is a werewolf and the most brutal alpha in the Oakland pack. He rejected Eliana when he discovered she was pregnant with his child, believing she was lying or using him for anything else. He had no idea she was telling the truth or that she truly loved him. He regretted his decision when he saw her again six years later.
  • Zane Denver is Malik’s younger brother and Eliana’s best friend. He is also a werewolf who encourages Eliana’s friendship with Malik. He assists her in escaping from their pack when they attempt to hurt her or take their son away from her.
  • Luna Denver is Malik’s mother and Eliana’s stepmother-in-law. She is a powerful witch who despises Eliana because she blames her for killing her daughter-in-law, Sienna, during childbirth.
  • Sienna Denver is Malik’s father’s first wife and Eliana’s stepmother-in-law. She was a witch who despised Eliana because she envied her beauty and power.

How to Read Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby Novel

The novel entitled “Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the GoodNovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby” in the search menu for the GoodNovel application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Rejected Mate’s Secret Baby”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Werewolf genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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