Read Northvale God’s Revenge Novel by Russ Miller

Northvale God’s Revenge Novel – Embark on a thrilling voyage through the magical landscapes of divine retribution and uncover the secrets of “Northvale God’s Revenge,”

Northvale God's Revenge Novel

Northvale God’s Revenge Novel – Embark on a thrilling voyage through the magical landscapes of divine retribution and uncover the secrets of “Northvale God’s Revenge,” a story meticulously written by the outstanding author Russ Miller.

This tale offers an immersive experience, with each page revealing the complexities of a plot interlaced with threads of divine intervention, ancient mysteries, and the compelling retribution that unfolds in the town of Northvale.

“Northvale God’s Revenge,” set in Russ Miller’s imaginative realm, goes beyond traditional storytelling. It transforms into a one-of-a-kind investigation of the ramifications that strike a town when the hand of divine justice takes center stage.

This is more than simply a novel; it’s a riveting journey in which each chapter adds layers to the emotional tapestry of divine punishment, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as the story progresses. Prepare for an extraordinary reading experience in which “Northvale God’s Revenge” serves as the core theme of a gripping story.

Join Russ Miller on this mystical adventure, and let the pages of this novel transport you to a realm where the divine wants revenge, leaving an everlasting imprint on your literary journey. Prepare to be enthralled by the twists and turns of a story that promises to be both emotionally resonant and mystically captivating.

Description of Novel

TitleNorthvale God’s Revenge
AuthorRuss Miller
GenreAdventure & Action


Northvale God’s Revenge Novel Synopsis

Eight years ago, Corey Reid was expelled from his family due to his anger issues and drifted to Cloymond where he tarnished the innocence of the Fisher Family’s daughter. He ended up behind bars due to his guilt.

Eight years later, he transformed into Northvale’s God of War and wielded immense power and astonishing wealth. He was also determined to make amends for his inner remorse by returning with authority, only to discover that the woman he defiled had given birth to a daughter.


It was September. Fall had descended upon Cloymond with bleak, cool winds and falling leaves.

Corey Reid donned a black coat while standing as still as a pillar before a rundown clinic, allowing the dried leaves to fall on his broad shoulders.

“Take your lunatic of a son and leave Westham. Never return to the Reid Family again.”

Ten years ago, Corey lived with the Reids, one of the Three Greatest Families of Westham. However, he had been diagnosed with a unique intermittent explosive disorder when he was young, causing him and his mother to be expelled from the family and exiled to Cloymond.

Later, they had to rely on the small clinic his mother ran for a living. Though they didn’t have much to spend, they had a happy life together. However, their peaceful life ended because of his intermittent explosive disorder. One day, Corey had an episode and assaulted the Fisher Family’s precious daughter, resulting in an eight-year jail sentence.

Back then, his mother returned to Westham and begged the Reids, hoping the family could lend them a hand. In the end, she returned home, humiliated and filled with tears. She couldn’t do anything besides watching her son get sent to jail.

From then on, Corey’s mother left Cloymond, went to a church somewhere in Tyrand, and became a nun, worshiping the Lord and atoning for her son’s sins.


The novel is a revenge story about Corey Reid, a young guy who was expelled from his family for his rage issues. He moves to Cloymond, where he falls in love with the daughter of the Fisher family, who are embroiled in a complicated conflict with the Northvale family. Corey becomes the subject of Northvale’s fury, and he resolves to exact revenge for wrecking his and his loved ones’ lives.

The tale concludes with a climatic encounter between Corey and James, in which they fight for their lives and Alice’s love. The tale ends on a cliffhanger; therefore, the fate of the war remains unknown. The author promises to continue the story in the following book in the series.

Critical Reception

The novel has gotten little critical attention because it is a relatively new and obscure work. Some readers have commended it for its fast-paced plot, realistic characters, and emotional depth. Others have attacked it for its excessive brutality, clichéd themes, and bad editing. Some of the comments are:

“please more.👌” (Elsa Roberts)

“up dates please🫶(Elsa Roberts)

“interested story” (Lucad Coc)

“nice novel, ineresting!” (

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • The novel is part of The Northvale Chronicles, a series that now consists of four books.
  • Russ Miller, the author, is a prolific writer with 65 books published in diverse genres such as algorithms, computer science, and fiction.
  • The work is available online through Joyread, a company that provides free and paid ebooks in a variety of languages.
  • The novel has 150 chapters and is still ongoing.
  • The novel is in the adventure & action genre.
  • The novel has been read 14.9K times and will be getting many more


The work delves into topics such as revenge, justice, love, family, betrayal, and forgiveness. It demonstrates how revenge can consume a person, resulting in additional misery and tragedy. It also demonstrates how love can heal and redeem people, as well as how family may provide support or cause conflict.


The main characters of the novel are:

  • Corey Reid: The main character of the novel, who is seeking revenge on the Northvale family for ruining his life. He is a talented warrior, a loyal friend, and a passionate lover. He struggles with his anger and guilt and tries to find a way to end the cycle of violence.
  • Alice Fisher: Corey’s lover, daughter of the Fisher family. She is a kind, innocent, and beautiful girl who loves Corey despite the feud between their families. She tries to help Corey overcome his hatred and find peace.
  • James Northvale: The novel’s antagonist, the son and heir of the Northvale family. He is a cruel, arrogant, and cruel man who hates Corey and the Fisher family. He is obsessed with Alice and wants to use force to make her his wife.
  • Other Characters: The novel also introduces other characters, such as Corey’s friends, Alice’s family, James’s allies, and other residents of Cloymond.

How to Read Northvale God’s Revenge Novel

The novel entitled “Northvale God’s Revenge” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Joyread application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “Northvale God’s Revenge” in the search menu for the Joyread application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “Northvale God’s Revenge”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Adventure & Action genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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