Read How Death Became My Rebirth Novel by Evelyn Florence

How Death Became My Rebirth Novel – Prepare to embark on a journey of profound transformation and self-discovery with the novel “How Death Became My

How Death Became My Rebirth Novel

How Death Became My Rebirth Novel – Prepare to embark on a journey of profound transformation and self-discovery with the novel “How Death Became My Rebirth” by Evelyn Florence. In this riveting story, readers are invited to explore the depths of the human soul as our protagonist navigates the turbulent waters of loss, grief, and ultimately renewal.

From the first page, the reader is plunged into a world of darkness and despair as our protagonist struggles with the devastating loss of a loved one. But as the story unfolds, a glimmer of hope begins to appear, and our protagonist begins a journey of healing and self-discovery that will change his life forever.

But what makes this novel different from the others? This is not just a story of loss and heartbreak; it is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of adversity. Through evocative prose and raw emotional depth, “How Death Became My Rebirth” offers readers the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of loss and find hope in facing the darkness.

With poignant themes, lovable characters, and heartfelt storytelling, this novel is sure to resonate with readers of all backgrounds. Whether you are grappling with your own loss or simply looking for inspiration and comfort, “How Death Became My Rebirth” offers a message of hope and recovery. Timeless yet powerful redemption.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the pages of “How Death Became My Rebirth” and be taken on a journey of healing, growth, and ultimately renewal. With each chapter, you’ll find yourself drawn deeper into the emotional landscape of your protagonist’s journey, eager to discover how death can truly be a powerful catalyst for renewal.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the transforming power of the Novel “How Death Became My Rebirth.” Order your copy today and begin a journey of healing, hope, and an eternal cycle of renewal.

Description of Novel

TitleHow Death Became My Rebirth
AuthorEvelyn Florence


How Death Became My Rebirth Novel Synopsis

One could die for many reasons, but it was a whole different story for Cassandra Yates. She died at the hands of her non-biological sister, and she learned how her family gave excuses for her death when Kenneth Zelinski, a ruthless man who was feared by the entire city, asked about it.

In the end, Kenneth avenged Cassandra’s death by killing her family. How could she possibly know about it that clearly? She was reborn. Granted, Cassandra was surprised to be given a second chance to relive her life, but not about the true colors of her family.

After all, she watched how they treated the fake daughter nicer than how they treated her even after she returned home 18 years later and how she had to sacrifice many things for the sake of the so-called family. With the help of her aliases, Cassandra vowed to spend her new life wisely, away from her family.

Nonetheless, they continued to harass her and even tried to harm her. Cassandra took on a journey of revenge and redemption, and there was no better candidate to accompany her than Kenneth, the man who was already in love with her right from the beginning.


“Cassandra, how could you treat me like this? How could you hurt me?” Yulissa Yates’ voice quivered as she wept.

For two long years, Cassandra Yates endured the hypocritical voice of her supposed younger sister.

Cassandra felt that her life after she turned 18 was practically a cruel joke.

‘Hurt you?’ Cassandra parroted mentally.

Truth be told, she truly wished she had hurt Yulissa, as only then could she quell the anguish she had endured these two years.

Their eldest brother, Leonardo Yates, delivered a scornful kick that sent Cassandra sprawling to the ground. “I don’t have a malicious sister like you. Yulissa is my only sister. You’re! Not! Worthy!”

Frederick Yates, their second older brother, seized Cassandra’s throat. “Who gave you the audacity to bully Lisa? Looks like you’re really sick of living!

Jasper Yates, the third older brother, injected a potent drug that intensified the magnitude of pain a human could tolerate tenfold into Cassandra’s vein. “Since you dare to harm my sister, you shall pay back tenfold!”


Evelyn Florence, a popular fantasy and romance author, wrote the novel “How Death Became My Rebirth.” The novel depicts the narrative of Lila, a young lady who dies in a car accident and is resurrected in a parallel world with magic and dragons.

She realizes that she has a unique destiny as the Dragon King’s chosen one, a strong and enigmatic monarch who has waited for her for generations. Lila must confront several perils and opponents, as well as her own emotions, as she starts on an epic quest to save both worlds.

“How Death Became My Rebirth” is a novel that will appeal to fantasy and romance readers, particularly those who appreciate stories about transmigration, reincarnation, destiny, and dragons. The story offers a riveting plot, a fascinating setting, a charming pair, and a blend of action, humor, and emotion.

The work does have some shortcomings, such as being excessively long, clichéd, or similar to previous novels, but they can be disregarded or forgiven by readers who appreciate the genre and the author’s approach. The novel is a good and interesting read that will keep readers interested and engaged.

Critical Reception

Readers and critics generally applauded the author’s inventiveness, creativity, and writing style. The work has been regarded as a thrilling, engaging, and romantic fantasy that incorporates themes from several genres and civilizations. Some of the comments are:

“r there gonna be any upload of new chapters” (Tinika Francis)

Some Additional Details About The Novel

  • The novel was released in 2022 by NovelOasis, an online platform that enables authors to publish and share their work with readers.
  • The novel is divided into 118 chapters, is still ongoing, and each has an average length of 1375 words.
  • The novel is classified as fantasy, romance, adventure, or transmigration fiction.
  • The novel has been translated into other languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Indonesian.
  • The novel has been read 14.6K times and will be getting many more
  • The novel presently has 162.3K words


Some of the main themes of the novel are:

  • Life and death: The novel explores the concept of reincarnation and the meaning of life and death. The novel shows how Lila’s death in one world leads to her rebirth in another and how she deals with the consequences and changes in her new life. The novel also shows how Lila and the Dragon King face death threats from their enemies and how they value and protect each other.
  • Fate and choice: The novel explores the concept of destiny and free will. The novel shows how Lila and the Dragon King are linked by a prophecy and contract that defines their roles and relationships in the world. The novel also shows how Lila and the Dragon King make their own decisions and actions that affect their destiny and that of the world.
  • Love and Sacrifice: The novel explores the concept of love and its various forms and expressions. The novel shows how Lila and the Dragon King fell in love and overcame the obstacles and challenges that stood in their way. The novel also shows how Lila and the Dragon King sacrificed and risked their lives for each other and the world.


Some of the main characters in the novel are:

  • Lila: The main character of the novel. She is a 22-year-old woman who died in a car accident and was reincarnated in a parallel world as the Dragon King’s chosen one. She is a kind, brave, and intelligent person who quickly adapts to her new environment and learns to use her magic and skills. She is loyal, compassionate, and generous to her friends and allies, while fierce, cunning, and brave to her enemies and opponents. She is the only one capable of taming and communicating with the Dragon King, and the only one capable of activating the Dragon Ball, a powerful artifact that can save or destroy the world.
  • Dragon King: The main character of the novel. He is the ruler of the Dragon Realm, a hidden and mysterious realm inhabited by dragons and their allies. He is a 1000-year-old dragon that can transform into human form. He is a cold, arrogant, and aloof person, respected and feared by everyone. He is strong, wise, and mysterious and has many secrets and enemies. He is bound by a contract to Lila, his companion and partner of destiny. He is possessive, protective, and gentle towards Lila, while also cruel, cruel, and cruel to anyone who harms or threatens her. He is the owner of the Dragon Ball and the only one who can control its power.

How to Read How Death Became My Rebirth Novel

The novel entitled “How Death Became My Rebirth” is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the NovelOasis application which you can download on the Google Play Store. Then, search for “How Death Became My Rebirth” in the search menu for the NovelOasis application or directly open here.

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Well, that’s the review and how to read “How Death Became My Rebirth”. This is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the Setengah7 website below.

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